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Step 2: Research

Task: Research the internet for methods, tipps and tricks about how to earn money online.


You do REALLY know now, you want to start an internet business in one kind or another.
You know your goals and your budget.

Now comes the second step: Research.
Researching is not only necessary for your first steps, no, even later on, make sure you keep an eye to developments on the internet. The human has a very creative mind and new innovations and ideas sprout every second. With researching you will not only find some information on how to do something, you might even find new opportunities or dangers and can act upon those.
If you already researched the internet methods on earning money, you will barely find any news here. But maybe there's something that's been overseen. If its by you, perhaps that "new" idea helps you to develop your business further.

In your first steps a good research is vital to start a project that really, really suits you. A Project you neither understand nor like won't have any chance to earn you money. The energy available will be cut down with every bad experience, good ones will not be able to rebuild that energy. But once you have fun on your selfchosen job, you will see that you suddenly can give over 120% and still have more than enough left to share. It's defintitely worth to research the best path for yourself!

But how to do that? The searchmachines like Google are like a wild jungle, where you can easily get lost if you don't know exactly what you have to search for. What does even exist in that vast webspace?

Here's some ideas, about money earning methods. You can find examples for some of those sites in my Linklist. Feel free to browse through them, you won't regret it.
  • Surveys, product testing, contests and competitions: for surveys there are also some sites that allow completely anonymous fill outs
  • Playing online games: some pay for reviewing, creating microtransaction content, ...; but be careful with casino sites - the risk is too high
  • Textwriting, such as reviews, advertisement and shop entry texts, but also blogging
  • SEO : search engine optimizer, you get asked to search for a special website via specified searchmachine and visit it
  • Clicking Ads and watching adds
  • Creating Traffic for Sites
  • Selling Likes, Tweets, Followers
  • setting up an Online Shop
  • donations on your Blog or Website
  • Affiliate Systems: invite active subscribers to the Site you are registered on over your affiliate links
Already found something that sounds interesting? Good. But be prepared - the easier it sounds, the less you normally get paid. Just watching ads or doing some SEOs won't get you a stable income, but they might help you to get some starting budget.
If you don't have any starting budget and no plan, it may take several months or even more than half a year just to scratch 100 $ together from several sites.

Next research point: advertising
research not only on the web but also in your local area where and how you can cheaply advertise your business. Compile a list that compares each offer in prize and visibility. Free local offers are top

P.S.: Don't forget to write down your decision and your thoughts about each opportunity. It will help you later to compile your business plan!

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