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Step 4: Promotion

Task: Set your Businessplan into action and start to promote your business.

Don't hesitate to start the plans, just do it. This will save time and energy. Wait too long and you will loose the drive to work on your project.
To have a successful business other people need to know about it. Always remember that at least 90% of your visitors will be blanks without profit for you. So make sure to advertise not only in the right spots, but also to get lots of real people to visit your page.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always have businesscards with you: about 5 in the portemonnaie, 10 in your bag and another package in your car, you'll never now whether the person you're speaking to on the street may be a new opportunity for you.
  • Also try to carry a few flyers with you or have at least have some packs in your car, maybe you find a place to post them on your outings
  • Be socially active: whether online or offline get into crowds, participate in forums / interest groups / social gatherings. The more people you are able to talk to, the more people and opportunities will find you!
  • Use social media to get your business known and regularly post news in your own profile; possible portals: youtube, linkedin, facebook, google+ and so on; if you have a blog, try blogster
  • Free or paid traffic? some sites offer to advertise your links for you - either through your own work or per fees; the free ones take up more time but you know that you really get real traffic - paid ones are often botters; try different sites and offers, compare them intensly and then pick the ones that work best for you
  • Do not user trafficbots! Real users are not only needed for opt-ins but also can give reviews and use word of mouth thus advertise you for free. Bots can't do that, they'll definitely cost you more than you'll ever get out of it
  • ...

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