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Step 1: Know yourself

Task: Write down your private Profile using the questions posted below.


First and foremost thing to be able to choose a profession that suits you is ....

KNOW YOURSELF and your limits!

Now there may be some of you saying "I do know myself so what am I even doing here?" - Great! Honestly, that's really great.
Not many do know exactly about themselves. They are worried about a lot and unsure what to chose, you are already sure about everything. Then this will be a fast step for you. Write it down. Take a pencil and a paper and quickly write down the answers to the questions below. It may only take a few minutes for you to proceed to the next step, but don't jump even one question and try to answer as exact, complete and truthful as possible. You might even find out something about yourself.
If you've already written such a profile, review that profile and check it through, maybe something changed till then or there are further questions listed here that you can add.

For those that would say "it depends" or "I'm unsure about this or that". Don't worry. Take your time and answer the best way you can. Once you've read through some tricks and see "Hey, that's (for) me", update your profile and business plan as soon as possible.

Attention points:
Don't worry about the information, you do this for yourself.
No one, not me nor anyone else will see your answers (unless you want to publish them or show them to me).
Any lie you put on your sheet is a lie and a hindrance to yourself - every lie here in this step will be a wall for you and your future business. A dead weight. So just don't lie to yourself.

Got it? Okay then, let's start:

Private information

  1. Who are you? Fill in your complete private information: Name, address(es), city/country, age, gender
  2. How can others reach you and how well can they reach you there? Telephone, mobile phones, Fax, emails, social media account (like Skype, Twitter, FB, ....)
  3. Character and Abilities

  4. What character do you have? Outgoing, shy, dynamic, stoic, naive, optimist, realist, ... whatever that may describe you
  5. What your strenghts? Determination, creativity, easy learner, ...
  6. What are your weaknesses? Money, bureaucracy, naivity, slow, ...
  7. What do other like about you?
  8. What do others dislike about you?
  9. Special abilities? Networking, technical understanding, craftsman, IT, ... again all goes, be it computer related or not
  10. Passtime actions? Sports, clubs, society, ...
  11. Standards and Future Goals

  12. What is your basic living standard?
  13. Follow-Up: Is there something you could give up on your current living standard?
  14. Follow-Up 2: What do you miss in your current living standrad?
  15. Life's principle(s)?
  16. Life's goal/wish? like "I want to be able to support my dearest ones whatever may come", "become a multibillionaire with a happy family", ...
  17. Goals you want reach in the nearest foreseeable future
  18. Goals further in the future
  19. Budget, finances and timeframes

  20. How much money (exact amount) do you have right at this moment? Don't answer "nothing" - if you only have 1 cent on your bankaccount and 1 cent in your wallet, the truth is 2 cents. Remember: NO ONE OTHER THAN YOU CAN SEE YOUR LIST!
  21. Follow-Up: Do you need every single cent of it right now or can you spare something for a set time frame? Again, each cent counts in your answer.
  22. Follow-Up 2:If you can spare something, do you need that money again within a specific timeframe or is it "free"? Write down the amount for your specific timeframes and also the free money that's not planned in anywhere right now
  23. How do you want to earn money?
  24. Do you already have set your timeframes till when you want to reach which goal? If yes, please right them down too. If you have goals, you're unsure about, write down an estimated answer.
  25. Misc.

  26. Which of the information above would you share with others? None, Family, Friends, Collegues, Mentors, Subordinates, Strangers, ... best to go through the list again and write it next to your answers
  27. Add any further points that seem necessary for you. If you find some vital questions missing please tell me about them.

All in all this may seem a lot.
But take my advice: these are questions that reappear in every step and part of your life (not only in business). If you always review your answers and stay true to yourself, walking your chosen path will be easier. If you have to think about these questions each time again and again and always are unsure about the answers, you will only burden yourself unnecessary. You will start to hesitate and miss chances, even might be blinded to all the possibilities out there.

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