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Business Tutorials, engl.

You want to earn money online but don't know how to start out?
Read through and review the Tutorials here, which will list some basics and even some more advanced tipps to help you.

Even if some of those are already known or you already have worked your way through them, please review the points on regular basis to have a solid foundation to your business. It's just a little but an intense wisdom: if the foundation's not firm, everything build above might crumble on the slightest touch.
Even if you've set up a good plan, review it, have a look what changed and whats still up-to-date. Check which points have proven to be good, which steps were wrong, which ones can be altered now because of new knowledge or goals. Learn from your mistakes and use that knowledge to improve your earnings and business.


None of any tipps mentioned on the whole website are 100% sure win methods.
There's no prove solid, riskfree "get rich fast" scheme. The time needed to achieve your goals may take only a few months for the least amount of people (also depends on their goals) but mostly it takes many years. The more a website tells you that you can get a fortune within just a few days or even hours - the riskier it is.
There are billions of people involved with the internet, each one of them are individuals. Some methods may be the "Best ever seen/heard/..." for a few but won't work the slightest for others.
If you're unsure about some tipps, try some others first that suit you more. If you need more methods at a later time, you can still choose to try the others.

Guideline: (v 0.1)

  1. "Know yourself" -Brainstorming: Set your goals, write down current knowledge / abilities / possibilities, financial budget,...
  2. Research: Find ideas for projects that suit you, tipps and tricks to projects that are alike, experiences from others that tried to do online businesses, ...
  3. Business plan: What/How? Where? When? How many steps? Timeframes? Financial plans? Aids?...
  4. Promotion: realize your plans and advertise your project
  5. ...more to come...