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Step 3: Business Plan

Task: Create a solid business plan.


A good plan is half the business.
It leads and coordinates your steps, optimizes your actions and reminds you of your principles and goals.
Review it each time you loose sight of your business and give it an update with each change.


Okay it's time to take out your Profile paper and your research results and to compile them.
Once again go through this list, you may add any question to those I've listed here.
  1. What kind of business do you want to start? Write down names and terms to describe that business in genral (like Own Store, Affiliate System)
  2. Your public profile: The more serious you take your business the better - taking your real name creates a real existing person for your clients and thus adds credibility; add all social media accounts you want to share and a specific email just for your clients so that they see they can really reach you and talk to you
  3. Don't forget your goals and your incentives for your business
  4. Budget: list the exact amount of your budget that you can spend on your project
  5. Write down all the single steps how and in which timeframe you want to accomplish your goals: if you have nearly no budget or not enough, the ways and timeframe to get your starting budget is the first point. Remind yourself in that plan to use the resttime to learn more about your targeted niche.
  6. promotion plan: how will you promote your business both online and offline
  7. Ad a sheet for linklists, tips and tricks: save names, addresses and social media from affiliates, mentors and partners; also save any tip and trick you can find - it will help you if you have problems later on
  8. Ad an action review sheet: write down all problems and successes you meet on your way to your business like a business diary
Well then, get your project started!

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